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Monday, 13 February 2012

He had seen it all before

He had seen it all before

He had seen it all before
since a lad from the Second World War.....

Mans inhumanity to his fellow man, from Hitler to Stalin to
Ho chi Mien, this man has seen the inhumanity begin.......

From the gas chambers of Belsen these chambers of death to
the trains to Auschwitz that brought in the Jews, to die in
their millions in this endless queue.....

The slaughter of Barbarossa in 1941, Hitler invaded the
Russians in a blitzkrieg attack, 600,000 Russians were
slaughtered in that. But all in all over 55 million died for
the evil of one man, who told his nation lies...

From 1949 to 1976 40 million died in China’s vast lands
when Mao Zedong created a communist state, a dictator that
no Chinese could escape....

Then there was the Korean War, north and south, Soviet backed
Kim II-Sung invaded the south to the dividing line but
the world said stop before a third word war begun, nearly
three million died fighting that war, from all over the world
on these foreign shores...

From the Congo to the Khmer Rouge and Afghanistan, the Soviet
War, millions have died fighting these pointless wars, nearly
Five million dead, what the hell for?...

Iran-Iraq in deserts they fight, just one million are dead,
Tribal traditions to prove who is right..

Vietnam and Cambodia this old man has seen, wars for the Arms
Magnates to make the few rich, to wipe out whole nations to
Kill millions more, bullets by the billion, ten cents a score

Peter Wicks

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