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Monday, 16 January 2012

Why War

Why War

Most modern wars are fought for gold!!
Black Gold, or Texas Tea.
Just plain old oil, to you or me.

This sticky mess that fuels our cars.
Sends countless thousands to the knackers yard.
They want the oil from desert sands.
Far away from from their corrupted land.

They want a pipeline, from East to West.
Though Baltic lands or Arab States.
And create a war, if all this takes.

They need this oil, to feed their greed.
To bolster their wealth, with us in need.
The sickest souls in humanity.

Who slaughter their own, for Texas Tea.
Not one of THEM would send their sons.
To fight the wars that THEY begun.

Kick out these devils, before it's too late.
Or the hands of Satan will rattle your gate.

Peter Wicks

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