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Monday, 23 January 2012

Who gives a Donald Duck

Who gives a Donald Duck

Who gives Donald about the war dead
Does Obama or Cameron or even Miliband
Give a tomtit if  the whole of
Afghanistan just drowns....

Blood and guts mean nothing to this lot
Ten cents a bullet let them die
Just as easy as swotting flies...

Who gives a Donald about our lads?
The ones some kids call their dads
And who gives a Tommy Tit
Their dads are maimed or blown to bits
Not many I fear could give a dam
About our lads in far off lands....

Pass a law and make it fast
That all the MPs who vote for war
Are the first ones sent to foreign shores
Let then fight with Senators from the States
Be first to die for their blundering mistakes....

The truth would be, there is not the slightest doubt
They would run and run if someone fired a starting gun
Wars would be a distant dream if MPs and Senators
Were the first to be drafted to a conflict scene? .....

Rectum wobble or bubbling bum would all you’d see
From these elitist ones, but there again, they would
Float to the top, like turds in cauldron when it got too hot....

Peter Wicks

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