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Monday, 23 January 2012

One ton twelve and a score

One ton twelve and a score(132)

Who are these one ton
twelve  and a score?
that have sat in Westminster
ten years or more!....

What have they done
for the likes of you and me?
besides feathering
their nests so splendidly...

And the twenty that sit
much higher than that
whilst the great bulk of us look
at Ermine robes
and all that crap....

Was “clause four” a joke
to these Union MPs?
did our forefathers fight
to abolish this Peerage crap?...

Or is just the case of
“Stuff you lot, I’m all right Jack”
take note my well heeled
trade union friends
your money pie
your gravy train is at its end....

Ask your dad Mr Hilary Ben
real meaning of Socialism
 to the working class
and the battle he had
to rid his titled past....

The things he did
for you, his kid
so you might sit on
that green leather seat
to do sweet FA
for the old and the weak....

Ask John Prescott
if he can sleep at night
this working class hero
from the city of Hull....

He sold our council houses
for the cheapest bid
to housing associations
and wide boy spivs...

Eight grand a plot
was the average they paid
millionaires by the bucket
this deal made....


Most of you are a mystery to me
Never spoken and never seen
Union MPs!

Peter Wicks

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