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Friday, 20 January 2012

The Stirling Years

                         The Stirling Years

Those of us born before 1971 will understand this work,
if you’re very young, ask your mum or dad.

There was half a "Quid" in bye-gone days.

The "Ten Bob" note was brown and frayed.

We had "Half-a-Crowns", that’s two and six.

And eight of them would make a "Quid"

There was the "Two-Bob" bit, or "Florin" coin.

Ten of them would make a "Quid".

A twelve pence coin, a "Shilling" to spend.

Twenty silver coins was a "Quid", back then.

The "Sixpence" coin, all forty of them.

Would bulge your pockets with a "Quid" to spend.

"Threepence" coins, or "Thrupenny-Bits"

Not round or square, but a funny old shape.

And eighty of them a "Quid" they'd make.

Or the "Thrupenny-Joey", the real silver ones.

You found them in puddings at Xmas fun.

The "Penny" coin, of copper design.

Two hundred and forty would make a "Quid"

A purse was needed with a button-down lid.

"Halfpenny" or a "Ha'penny" coin.

Four hundred and eighty to make a "Quid"

Stacked on high, two foot tall.

To carry these coins you'd be a fool.

The humble "Farthing", the smallest of all.

Would take nine hundred and sixty.

To make a "Quid", imagine your pockets.

If you did!!!!!!.

Peter Wicks

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