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Friday, 20 January 2012



Such a nasty word to baffle the poor
A creeping cancer and a festering sore
Destroying this World with the ultimate sin

Of enslaving humans for the stinking rich
Their morals and principles long ago ditched

They will tell you and have you believe
This is Globalisation and it has to be
But when is enough ever enough?
How much wealth does one man need?

When the obsession for money turns into greed
From India to China across all seven seas
The “Bandits” from the West come to deceive
Chairman Mao would turn in his grave

If he saw his peoples turned into Slaves.
Gandhi would rise from the dead
If he witnessed the morsels his people are fed

Women and children are turned into slaves
As the “Dollar Almighty” digs mass graves

Peter Wicks

Ps, why is it called the third world?

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