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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Just Walk in my Shoes

Just walk in my shoes

I see life from
a different view
the down side of life
not so many have seen
from a  child of the war
to this old man of dreams

Poverty, cruelty
all this I have seen
‘twas reality for me
 never a dream
but I grow angry
in my twilight days
the horror and pain
is just the same
cruelty to children
has never changed

Not just in my country
this cruelty is seen
‘Tis spread over the world
across all seven seas
children do suffer

All kinds of harm
are inflicted on kids
by carers and parents
uncles and aunts
unspeakable horrors
these children endure
mostly by ones
very close to you!

Peter Wicks....
In some families there are the"black sheep" who will never fit in
they are reviled and abused and nearly battered to death, I can vouch
for this because I was one of these children and in my case it was my
mother.War time Britain was a harsh place to live if you came from a
poverty stricken home in London and your mother came straight out of hell. 

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