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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

In the misdst of greed

This is one of my Free Verse poems...I favour rhyming poetry but on the odd occasions I go free verse..

           In the midst of greed
Do we really understand what has happen? can we comprehend the magnitude of the disaster that has fallen on those who had no part of in its making and the suffering that has befallen them.
Greed on a scale, that has never been seen in this world before has struck the whole planet senseless, banks of all manner of sizes have declared themselves bankrupt.
Some of the world’s most famous institutions have gone bust over night, leaving a mass of bad untouchable dept Wall Street and London stock market institutions are under investigation for corruption and whole sale theft of the worlds wealth.
The weak and poorest of nations are left to flounder in the mire of global corruption and the those who are defenceless amid this storm of daily revelations of pure unbridled greed are left by the wayside to perish in the rubble of worthless houses.
But those who played no part in this calamity that has broken the back of the worlds  financial system, are ear-marked to pick up the tab of those who by all common justice, should be in prison.
The poor and down trodden will pay the price of this wholesale global greed, this includes most of the worlds pensioners who in Britain are on or below the official poverty  line, their paymaster see this group as an easy touch, a despicable form of government that cares little for its old.
New Labour is now in its death throws, the last of its spinning is nearly over, it’s  lying and cheating of the pensioner will cost them dearly come the next election.
But a fearful beast is primed to unleash itself onto the frightened and bewildered British nation, the BMP will gather all those disgruntled and disillusioned down trodden pensioners and gain power up and down this land of ours.
So in the midst of greed, seeds are being sown of a racist and nationalistic nature for the blame game will not be on the shoulders of greedy bankers and stock brokers, but the BNP   will point their vile fingers at those from other parts of this world and make them the scapegoat for what happened and what  will follow next. New Labour has missed the cries of help from its core support, as it tends to the needs of the greedy and corrupt bed fellows
Peter Wicks 

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