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Monday, 19 December 2011

The Seven Political Sins

Some years ago I formed and registered my own political party called the Peoples Party of England(reference number RPP5881952)...I put the party to bed, for the time being, but The Electoral Commission who you apply to to start a new political party give you loads of paperwork to read and ponder over and this one really made me giggle(after I altered the meanings)...

The Seven Political Sins

(1) Selflessness
Lack of selflessness by holders of public office
Who dip their fingers into the public pie
And sing the song “What a good boy am I”

(2) Integrity
Nod and Wink are politician’s best friends
Integrity means nothing to mountains of cash
Greedy and unscrupulous you hear them bay
“Take this Peerage and give us the stash”

(3) Objectivity
Objectivity, now what does that mean
To someone as bent as a forging machine
Brown envelopes are bulging with tax-free loot
Winners take all, who gives firkin a hoot

(4) Accountability
Where is Blair now? Has anyone seen?
This excuse for a Prime Minister that’s ever been
Accountability for everything he has  ever done
Is down to us all, as he goes on the run

(5) Openness

“He who has the fattest wallet wins the day”
This is what openness means  MPs will always say
PFI may not be the cheapest or far from the best
‘Tis the best way for MPs to feather their rotten nest

(6) Honesty
Honesty means nothing, when the crap hits the fan
Pointing fat fingers and hot gas from their bums
The “Speaker” of the house accuses everyone
Squandering public money so we don’t have clue
Who’s  fingers are in the pie belonging me and you

(7) Leadership

Who said those stupid words, a leader we’ve never had
A leader has the biggest gob, a mouthy gits to boot
Those recent years we should take them out and shoot
Never had a principle they could call their very own
They find them in the dustbins around MPs second homes
Peter Wicks

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