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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Nod and Wink

Nod and Wink

Do you know Nod and Wink?
A shifty pair who graft and cheat

Brown envelopes are their calling card
Stuffed with cash or a big fat cheques
Just enough so you your not forget

In every village and every town
Nod and Wink can be found
In the Commons and the Lords
Nod and Wink lay out their stalls

For “this" and “that” a price is found
When Nod and Wink are around
You want a tank? A battle ship?

                     Nod and Wink can get it

Greasy palms and grubby hands
Thieving, stealing grabbing gits.

Nod and Wink no all the tricks
Paying tax is just for fools
Just give us the yachts, the Villa’s in France
And old Joe Public has no chance
We will stitch them up so they won’t see
All the billions we save
For you disgusting thieves
Nod and Wink do not care
Just keep paying for
Our little share.

Peter Wicks

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