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Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Sack Cloth World

  The  Sack Cloth World
They dressed them  from
 Head to foot
A mummy encased
 In a sack cloth world
A world of heat
And an incarcerated hell.....
Just a slit so they  might see
All the men who prey on me
 Beasts  of burden and savagery......
This stone age culture of days
 Gone past who’s females of the
Muslim faith wear  the Burka
Or the Niqab and Hiyab
To hide the face
And the Shayla and Chander
to make them  chaste.....
Sexual jealousy of the Arab tribes
Cover their females from head to foot
So other human males may never look
Stoned to death, butchered and raped
Their every perversion  they just take.....

Love can never be for woman of Muslim
Fraternity, lower that a stray old dog
An insult to the human race that makes
Most Muslim men a total disgrace
Show the world in your holy book
That the prophet Mohamed
Was that cruel
To give Muslim women
No rights at all........

Peter Wicks

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