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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

Deep in Stella space and time

Dwells a planet like yours and mine
A carbon copy of everything we see
With a moon and a sun that seeds
A mirror image since time begun
They have a world that’s lush and green
With all known beasts we’ve ever seen

They’ve progressed far in this other place
With intelligence far beyond the human race
There is no religion in this far in space
For nature taught them long ago
There is no being or unseen force
We humans call All Mighty God

They live as one, without human greed
Unlike Earth’s poor nations who beg and plead
For food and shelter for those in need
They banished wars and violence long ago
Devoting their life to food to eat and sow

They live in harmony with the other beasts
They rule their planet with love and peace
Their peoples have travelled near and far
Observing others to see how they are
They cried out loud as they left planet Earth
Witnessing the death of this green little place
And their brothers and sisters in a parallel space

Peter “Starman” Wicks

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