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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Just a little observation on the drivers of today!!!!

When out driving in your streets
You're kind and courteous to all you meet
But have you met the ill-mannered ones
Who lower their clothing to flash their bums.

There's Two fingers Jack and One finger Jill
They put up two fingers, or a lone middle one
Shouting obscenities, with sneers or a grin
"Spin on this, you stupid old bum".

Watch out for woman, this bundle of fun
Speeding along, on the daily "Brat Run"
Cursing and jabbering, because they're late
To pick up the kids from the local school gate.

With flaying of arms and hooting of horns
These monstrous women have no manners at all
It's "up you jack" or "spin on that".

These bats out of hell, on your local race track
But there is a Jack or Jill in everyone!!!
Just push the right buttons
To see if you’re one.

Peter(goody two shoes)Wicks

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