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Sunday, 11 December 2011

An insular world

An insular world

The elite must keep
A system of government
By establishment freaks
Their rule is total
They make the law
For us fools to keep
But rules are different
For the ruling elite
It’s another world
In Parliament Square
Solicitors and Barristers
The great and the good
Stand there in Parliament
Where Oliver once stood
Do as we say, not as we do
A message from Parliament
Passed down to you
The spirit of Cromell
Jumps from his grave
To FREE his beloved people
These cretins enslaved
He cuts off the fingers
With his ghostly sword
Of MPs and Ministers
With hands in the pie
Who steal vast fortunes?
Belonging to you and I
“It must be this way”
You can hear them cry
As Oliver goes on cutting
Greasy thieving Fingers
From the Nations Pie

                                                       Peter Wicks

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