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Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Four Horsemen

                        I dreamed a dream.......

                        I spied these horses
                        Riding very high
                        Thundering across
                        An inferno of a sky
                        Cloaked dark figures
                        On their backs
                        Four great horses
                        That left no tracks...

                        'Twas the great white horse
                        Of burning hate
                        That left the exit
                        Of Hades gate
                        A conquering rider
                        His bow in hand
                        That enslaved all humans
                        Whence his arrows land....

                        Breathing fire
                        From the devils pit
                        A massive red horse
                        Came thundering from it
                        It's boney rider
                        Swathed in red
                        A golden sword in his hand
                        Sparking off hatred
                        In the souls of man....

                        Then a black cloaked devil
                        Who rode his steed
                        Straight at mankind
                        For selfish greed
                        If seen this horse
                        Of midnight black
                        Beware you all
                        You can't turn back....

                        A pale grey horse
                        With blood red eyes
                        Was the worst of four
                        That rode out from
                        Satans darkest doors
                        Plague and famine
                        That rider brings
                        As he rode swiftly
                        On all four winds.....

                        Then I heard this call!

                        Close your eyes
                        Cover your ears
                        When the four horsemen
                        Of the Apocalypse draw near
                        See them, hear them
                        Its your fate
                        Chained forever
                        To the devils own gate.
                                                Peter the little Devil

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