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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Cry of the Whale

The Cry of the Whale

Deep in the oceans

Of all seven seas

Dolphins and Whales
Roam around free

They know about man
With his barbaric ways
His taste for carnage
And mammals blood

Who butcher and maim

With a harpoon-guns

Blowing there insides
To kingdom come

Why do you do this?
To mammals of the sea
Do they not know
They give birth to live babies
Who suckle on milk
Till their early teens

They’ve roamed this planet
Over millions of years
The species called humans
Are their greatest fear

Bring death and destruction
To our friends of the deep
The seas are there home
All seven oceans they keep

So where ever they may roam
Please let them be free
Give them chance
In the depth of the seas.

Peter Wicks

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