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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Blood of Vincent

The Blood of Vincent
                        Vincent! Vincent!
                        Paul Gauguin screams
                        What are you doing?
                        You can't do that here!
                        But Vincent Van Gogh
                        Cuts off his ear...

                        You fool, you fool,
                        You stupid fool
                        As Gauguin sighs
                        Your Sun Flower painting
                        Is not even dried...

                        Paint it again!
                        Paint out the red
                        The blood from ear
                        Will turn it orange

                        Now this is the reason why
                        "The Sunflowers in a Vase"
                        Are orange and not yellow
                        It came from Vincent’s ear
                        This brilliant, demented fellow

                        Peter Wicks 2008

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