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Friday, 25 November 2011

Your Country Needs You

Your Country Needs You

Wars are fought for the privileged few,
Who  goad you on behind the queue….

These sick little men, with twisted minds,
Who  sing out the songs of barbwire and mines…..

"Give your Life in blood and sweat,your life
Today  we will not forget"…..

Don't be fooled by this stupid song,
For  those who sing it will not go along.

"Your Country needs You","Young or Old",
This  fable sung by men of old,
Heed  these words, do not bother,
You’re  nothing more than cannon fodder…..

They promise the Earth when you've won the war,
But  you end up crippled, disabled and poor,
THEY want the wealth of others lands,
Gold  or oil in desert sands….

So question that fable your fathers sung,
Give them YOUR bayonet and YOUR  gun,
Put  THEM in uniform and watch them all  run…

Peter Wicks

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