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Friday, 25 November 2011

So the war is nearly won

So the war is nearly won

The last of our boys are
Are on the homeward run....
Now we want to know the truth
The reasons why so many had to die
And WMD was such a pack of lies....
An in-depth inquiry of what went on
Just the least we owe the mothers dead sons
An open court is so justified
WE want to hear their pack of lies...
But the cowards can’t face the cold dark truth
Bush and Blaire, both true Satan’s sons
Want truths door SHUT on everyone....
So behind closed doors “they” spin more lies
Just like the bull-shit they utter as truth
The reason for war, the maimed and the dead
The oil in the desert under hot Arab suns
Is the real bloody reason, they lied to everyone....
So Wee Mr Brown will come crashing down
With the New Labour ship, the final disgrace
When he lies to the Nation, to the mother’s dead sons
And the whole of the world turns its back on this bum.....
Change you mind, Wee Geordie, change your mind
Peter Wicks after the war

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