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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thatcher the God of Greed

Thatcher the God of Greed

We all must remember why the UK is plunging into the deepest
financial   crises it has ever know in its history, even deeper than
the Wall Street crash of 1929 ...

For Britain it stared in the 1980s with the most reviled political
leader this country has ever spawned, a member of a party whose
philosophy has always been and always will be “stuff you lot, we
come first”, a party of pure selfishness and ultimate greed....

The Tory Party under the leadership of “The Maggot” decimated our
country with her sick sense of worth and greedy attitude to our
Nationalized Industries and spectra of the City Spivs rubbing their
hands in glee at every “sell off” of what belonged to every man
woman and child in Britain. “The Maggot” first made her mark in
British politics when she decided that the British school children
of the day should not receive free school milk, the first vile sign
of her true greedy nature....

That period of time was repugnant to witness; the “Family Silver”
was being stolen from its rightful owners, the people of Britain,
who were powerless to change the course of history....

Starting with the sale of  GPO, this galvanised the
“pig-in-the-trough” mentality of the City and the Tory party, who
grabbed and gobbled whole swathes of the “Silver” that has kept many
of them and their aristocratic families in great luxury, even to
this very day....
At the time the “Maggot” was worshiped like a demy God by all those
foul creatures in the City and a great deal of her party gave praise
to the greedy one, mass unemployment was her vile tool to keep the
“other half” in their place at the bottom of the heap, typical of
many party tricks she lavished on the British public....

She single handed insured closure of nearly all our state owned
coal mines and alienated great masses of the British public against
her, but her down fall came when the greedy bitch tried and failed
to bring in the hated Poll Tax, which caused mass riots all over

Her sell-by-date had passed; her own gutless MPs were drawing   straws
to tell her to pack her bags and go, for they knew that she had
become a great liability to them winning another election that was
on the horizon.....

But the this evil creature had done more damage to the British
culture than the historians will ever admit when its time to write
her obituary, for she fostered the notion that greed is good and
there is no such thing as society, the attitude adopted by millions
of young Britons who became known as Yuppies, who are amongst the
leading political tribe of the Tory party, for they have the same
uncaring attitude as there mentor, the “Maggot”. ...

The scene is now set for the final phase of “The Thatcher God of
Greed”; politics in Britain is brim full of Thatcher’s children,
even in the Labour party her philosophy of “Sell everything” for a
fat buck is alive and well, but now it’s called PFI.....

No checks and balances are in place, even after the greedy banks
went bust, they still worship the criteria that greed is good and
until an example of rightful punishment is meted out to those you
stole the worlds wealth, greed will always be good....

Radical Peter   2009


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