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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bitter Sweet Chocolate


Bitter Sweet Chocolate

African kids as young as eight
            work ten hours without a break they
climb the trees for Cocoa beans
that creates the billions in far off
lands by child labour
that should be banned……

Your Easter eggs come from
 the sweat and tears of children who
should be at school, but are used
 as slaves in tropical heat to cut
down beans for chocolate
 bars for you to  eat…...

Bitter and sweet each bite
 we take of Nestlé and Cadbury the
chocolate bunch who make
 their millions from every crunch….

Boycott it all, this slave made choc
 leave it on the shelves and let
   it fucking rot, say stuff you and
your disgusting morality and tell all your
share holders to climb the fucking cocoa trees…..

Peter the Milky Bar Kid

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