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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


        Come on Back Oliver

Please come on back
 Oliver Cromwell
we need your sword
 your iron fist to cut off
their hands from their
 stealing wrists......

To run your sword through
 MP’s guts and crush their ball
 and sterilise their nuts
 to  slash off fingers that
 steal our cash and to  clear out
 Parliament of this cancerous trash.....

Come back Oliver and do your best
 to rid our country of these pests
make them pay for what they have done
 to the commoners of England
the down trodden ones....

We have the rich, the elitist ones
 who rule the nest as King Charles
 had  done, they bend the laws
 has he once did and they treat us
 poor as serfs and pigs.....

Clear them out from the Halls of Shame
 and rule this country in Cromwell’s name
 give the people in England’s fair land
 a Parliament of the people and not
 the chosen few, we hope you will put paid
 to them and run these  bastards through......

 Power to the People

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