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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Collective Amnesia

So the World went bust with
 banks and institutions we the people, no
longer trust.....

Trillions are missing and we’ve
 been deceived by crooks and
politicians with their hands in
 the till who preach austerity from
the pulpit of greed and haven’t
a clue of what are our needs.....

“Tighten your belts” these crooked
 ones spout but never talk justice
that surly must come for the
 Bankers who stole from
 each and everyone.......

Find those trillions these fat
 cats took for they are lowest of all
the common crooks, lower than scum
 the dross of all human ones....

So if the talk is cuts and austerity days
 let cut the wealth of the
grossly over paid, take off the blinkers
 that keep the amnesia in
check and look for OUR money
 you crooks have all lent......

Peter the pauper

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