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Sunday, 24 March 2013

You've blown it Labour

You’ve Blown it Labour

You took a massive beating in 2010
And it looks like it will happen again
You’ve lost the plot, you stupid twats
Enclosed in your bubble, a fairies nest
The unreal world of technocrats ....

It was Tory Blair who destroyed our faith
In all things socialist that we once embraced
Plus Brown and Mandelson, lying cow sons
Like Machiavellian wizards created the hated PFI
That sold the welfare state belonging to you and I...

Hoodwinking our  unions  with” jam tomorrow”
As they ploughed in millions, for lies so hollow
Union leaders gave pots of OUR money away
So Ermine robes would grace their backs
As in the House of Lords they finally sat....

You’ve blown it Labour with the working class
As you talk and babble of the upper middle ones
We are told to bend down and kiss their arse
Labour is stone like dead and must be revived
The Miliband millionaires in front row seats
Will lead OUR party into certain defeat
A working class hero is what OUR party we needs
 REAL working socialists for the party to succeed...

Old fashioned socialist and not multimillionaires
Must take over labour for the working class
Just as they did in Nye Bevan’s days
When nationalisation of everything
Gave us workers the socialist dream....

So pack your bags, you must go
For we are sick and tired
Of  Ed Miliband’s one man show..

You’ve Blown it just  piss off
Peter the Radical Poet...

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