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Friday, 4 January 2013

New Labour is alive and SPAMMING

Got a email the other day which looked like it came from the hands of Ed Miliband....and in my innocence I replied to it in the belief that Ed would actually read it...but I soon found out that it was nothing but a rotten con trick from NEW LABOUR...yes..they are not dead but alive and decieving us all in the back be warned that the new labour corruption is still alive and it now apart of the GREAT new labour deception confidence trick..cos the bastards have not changed,they are even more vile and here is what I wrote to Miliband............
Dear Ed

Thank you for your e-mail, which I found most revealing in its openness and honesty. The stories you told about the man who walked eleven miles to gain employment and the lady called Daphine who runs a food bank in London is very laudable and can be seen repeated all over Great Britain in these dire days of ConDem government.

My wife and I are both old age pensioners who are struggling to make ends meet...but for all of this we have for the last two years found money and time before Christmas to support our local food bank to the tune of £70 worth of food which helped to feed 200 poor unfortunate families.

You ask in your e-mail how we as a nation can become as one and to me this is a very important question and one that needs a very honest answer, so let this old time socialist give you the answers you desire.

I am a child of the war years(London)and as such we had the rough end of the stick when it came to the pecking order of life and poverty was common in the war years and the late 1940’s and early 50’s the British people elected a Labour Government under the leadership of Clem Attlee.

These were Halcyon days for the working class of Britain and for the first time in recent history the lot of the poor and underclass were taken into account by this socialist government.

Attlee and with men like Herbert Morrison and Nye Bevan became national heroes when they introduced The Nationalization Act, which is still on the statute books and became the modern Robin Hoods of those dark days.

From coalmines to gas, electricity, water, buses, trains , road transport, aircraft and airports to all the docks in Britain were taken from the few and given to the many, with or without a penny in compensation to those who fleeced this nation dry(a bit like today).

Now all of this industry created great wealth and prosperity for the nation as a whole and out of this wealth came the NHS(1948) and the welfare state that stated that it would look after the people ”from the cradle to the grave”... friend this old radical poet is telling you now to take a page out of Clem’s book and begin  the process  of reclaiming the peoples “family silver” that was stolen in the Thatcher period..start  with the railways my friend and I guarantee that the very word nationalization  will give you the next general election on a plate, take no notice of wailing moaners around are the leader..just do it and watch the Tory party explode.

As a paying member of Unite the Union (reduced rate) I am asking you also to undo all the Tory union reforms and dare I say reinstate clause four that every man and woman should own their means of production.

There is more I shall say Edward at a later date, but for now just concentrate on the railways which will bring billions into the exchequer

Thanks for reading

Peter Wicks..PS..never take the piss out of a radical poet and never piss into the wind...

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