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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Heed the cries of Anger

Heed the cries of Anger

Listen to the wails of children’s pains of hunger
Heed the people’s cries of the nations pent up anger
As they shoulder the burden for deeds they’ve not done
As conservatives scum pillory the underclass ones...

The sickest, vilest government in recent British history
Using us, the underclass to pay for Bankster’s thievery
They rob the poor to placate the rich, stinking Tory gits
The disabled are robbed blind by these fleas and knits
Who we, the poor class them as the product of septic shit....

Thousands call out to labour to admonish this evil scum
A workers party is no more; it perished on a Blairite sword
Dumped us long ago for the riches and pomp of another world
So heed the cries of anger that scream out from near and far
For ALL the political parties could end up in hell fire....

Peter Wicks  

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