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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Rape of the British Nation

The Rape of the British Nation
Political rapist are on the prowl
Raping the nation of its NHS
As sick Richard Branson
And his Virgin crew
Rip out its guts
For a billion
Or two…..

Fascist  Con Men from Parliament Square
Are raping the nation for all they are worth
As the spawn of Thatcher, this despicable mare
Shouts out her orders to vile MP millionaires
“Fuck em and rape em, I don’t fucking care”
As they turn back the clock
To the distant dark past
Of Dickensian Britain
Of poor under class…..

But a murmur is heard that ripples down this land
As the people rise up and shout out to  make a stand
Against these bastard freaks from Parliament
Who treat us as sheep, herding us like cattle
The sick and the poor, the homeless and weak
Robbing us of money, they pocket and keep….

Now is the time for us  to rise up and say
Enough is enough of your evil ways
We will hunt you down and kick your arse
For  we are proud and British working class
We fought the wars for your  upper crust
Now we are turning on YOU
And trample YOU into the  dust
Raping all the loot
You stole from US….

Peter Wicks

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