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Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Manure Syndrome

The Manure Syndrome
Keep em covered,
up to their necks
add plenty of farm
yard stinking dung
bury them deep
every last one…

Keep em in the dark
at what you do
don’t let the serfs grasp
a single clue…

Add more shit and trample
it down as we steal and cheat
all that they own
water the shit
so the serfs just drown…

The manure syndrome
is this governments
tool to rob and steal
and cheat, all of you…

Your pensions they rob
as they cover you in shit
and put up your retirement
age, so you can have
just have  a sniff of it…

They dip you in dung
that covers your heads
when preaching the lies
that the NHS is dead..

Arsehole’s  from the Lords
who belch from their arse
“American health is good for you”
as they take fat bribes
and with a nod and a wink,
they sell off our NHS
to Yanks who cover you shit..

They shovel in the dung
and any old shit, to ethnic
cleanse the posh gits pads
by hiking up the rents of
London’s poor
who are forced to move
to crap heap homes of manure
and shit….

So rich stinking Arabs can grab
the homes that are left
and get you serfs to clean up the mess……

Then they set you up
one against one
as your bosses decide who
to sling in the dung
on the dole without
any pay and forced to eat shit
they throw your way….

As  the manure syndrome
makes you  shit eating slaves till
your very last days…

Peter, having a crap day Wicks

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