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Monday, 6 February 2012

They Taught them well at Eton

They Taught them well at Eton

Rip down Eton, the school for the toffs
Burn down the lot, bulldoze the colleges
The universities of hate who left their
Compassion for others at the old
School gates....

Imprison the tutors who have fucked up
Their minds, turning their upper crust pupils
The dross from the top, into subhuman kind...

Memories from the past are taught by this crew
From the days of Adolf Hitler, Himmler and
Joseph Goebbels the peddler hate, of Jews
And gypsies and the non Arian race
They have preached this to Cameron and
Osborn who govern as neo fascist
In Parliaments Halls of Hate.....

Just like Adolf Hitler who hood winked German
Race, driving out the poor, the workless and the old
Cameron has hood winked Britain with all
The lies he has told...

Cheating kids of schooling and makes them
Pay the price, cheating the disabled the old
Ones and the poor, practicing ethnic cleansing
Like Hitler did before, cutting rent allowance
That paid the filthy rich and making millions
Homeless, this shameless bastard ditched....

They taught them well at Eton to kick the
Working class, just like Adolf Hitler did to
The poor and underclass....
Another German “Kristalnacht”, a night of broken
Glass, but this bunch has broken human hearts
Trampled them underfoot and left them on the
 Wayside, as a fascist we knew he would....

The traitors should be tried for treason like the ones
Who taught them thus, burn them in a furnace and
Grind their bones to dust, before he destroys our
NHS, this bastard of a Prime Minister
That no one fucking trusts.....

Peter Wicks

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