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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nye Bevan

Nye Bevan

Nye Bevan was the man who fought tooth and nail to
create the British National Health Service. If it was in
the realms of reality to talk to the dead, I would say
this to this Welshman." Nye, I had no hand in what your
Labour Party has done to your beloved NHS, but one by
one the cretins who did this will stand before you and
then you can spit in their eyes"

Bevan would burst from the grave
If he could witness the chaos
In the NHS that he made

They're taking it apart, bit by bit
Flogging it off to slick city spivs
Ripping off us all, by underhand tricks

Paying off the doctors
That keeps them "on side"
As they divide up the spoils
Which they called PFI

Asking for a fortune
For life saving drugs
We paid all our charities
Now they take us for mugs

Who is making a killing?
As they start flogging it off

The Traitors in Parliament
With hands in the till

They don't give a fig
For the dying and the ill
Nye Bevan is crying
Deep in his grave

As his cherished creation
Goes the American way

A Pox on "New Labour" and all it stands for

Peter Wicks "Power to the People"

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