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Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Time Lord

The Time Lord

He gave us time upon this Earth
To set things right in natures eyes
Live in peace with all mankind
Respect this Earth so all may live
But the Time Lord has seen enough
As planet by planet he turns to dust
You wretched creatures you imbeciles
Barbarous fools” he shouts in rage
Ripping out the chapter of the human age
All traces of humans have gone from his book
As the plants and the ants, the fish in the seas
Prosper and flourish were once humans where seen
“The day will come” The Time Lord said
“I will raise two humans from the dead”
“Just one more chance, to make amends”
“Sculptured as humans should have been”
No eyes to see the greed and wealth
No ears to hear religions sorry tales
No voice to mock those who fail
A heightened sense of touch and smell
But eyes and ears and a mouth to speak
I will give to humans if this promise he keeps
See no Evil and speak none at all
Hear words of wisdom and cherish the meek
As the Time Lord, my promise I keep

Peter Wicks

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