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Monday, 16 January 2012

This England

This England

‘Tis our native land

Our place of birth
The English language
Our mother tongue
Given to many Nations
On this wonderful Earth

This tiny nation
With the Lions heart
Spans the World
From sea to shore
Our democracy
Which champions fair play
Are seen as the hallmarks
Of the English way

Science an commerce’s
Written and spoken words
Descriptive and flowing
In nouns and verbs
Great men of science
And the literary kind
Used our native English
Our mother tongue
Writing the sonnet’s
Of William Shakespeare
The Bard to everyone

We are proud of the soil
Beneath our feet
Our home for centuries
This fortress we keep
Our customs and ways
The food and drink
Great flag of Saint George
So proud and distinct
Many a foe have failed
In histories battle grounds
To enslave the English
But to no avail

We are of Anglo Saxon stock
Viking and German is in our blood
With Roman and Celtic in our genes
The truest warriors of England
That was ever conceived

Welcome to you all
To England’s  fair lands
Sip our cup of kindness
Our well meaning ways
Centuries of culture
For all to partake
But don’t take us for granted
That would be a great mistake

English blood
Was poured onto foreign shores
To create this England
A homeland for  us all
That makes the English
A nation and proud of its past
A culture and peoples
That will last and last

Tyranny and ridicule
Of hard won freedoms
The English ways
We will cast them adrift
Bound for Stone Age shores
From whence they came
To fight their own battles
As the English have done
To create another Eden
In the lands that they come.

Peter Wicks

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