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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Sweetie Shop

The Sweetie Shop

For those of you who can still remember the

Do you remember those bygone days?
When sixpence or a shilling you got paid
This pocket money was paid to all
When sweetie shops made a beckoning call

Rows and rows of tight-lid jars
In this little sweet shop, much admired
Sparkling jars of coloured sweets
You know the ones YOU used to eat

Toffee or Chocolate and Candy Twist
Liquorice Sticks or Sherbert Fizz
Aniseed Balls or Bubble Gum
Blow and blow till the bubbles come

Jelly Babies or Jelly Beans
Dolly Mixtures and Chocolate Creams
Sherbert Powder as finger dips
Your face and fingers plastered in it

Toffee Slabs, a thick brown lump
With nut or raisins you could munch
Humbugs and Cherry Drops
Pear Drops or Jelly Tots

A quarter of this or two ounces of that
Who gave a fig if they made you fat?
The smells and tastes I've not forgot
This treasure trove of our Sweetie Shop.

Peter(Anyone got any sweet coupons?)Wicks

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