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Friday, 13 January 2012

Spineless Shop

Spineless Shop

I’ve opened a shop
"Backbones and Minds"
To replace the spine
Most have lost
To free their minds
Others do keep
Removing the gags
So they may speak......

‘Tis a slippery road
You poets do slide
As right wing prigs
Censor your views
Threaten expulsion
To the embolden few......

Say "Stuff you lot"
Don’t give me that crap
Millions have died
To put paid to that
So come with me
As I open my shop......

As I dish out
Minds and backbones
So you can fight
The sinister censors
Who prowl these sites.....

Peter Wick, say buddy have got a spine?

Written for another site many moons ago

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