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Friday, 13 January 2012

Reality Dreams

Reality Dreams
                                          There is a journey
                                           we all must make
                                           when our time on this planet
                                           we forsake......
                                          This is the beginning
                                           of a fantastic dream
                                           with your soul and mind
                                           released, at last
                                           as you start on a journey
                                           to the future or your past......
                                          Released from the body
                                          that created your mind
                                          you can wander the Universe
                                          till the end of time........
                                          You're just a link
                                          in the order of things
                                          for your mind is connected
                                          to our final dream
                                          truth is reality;
                                          your mind is set free..........
                                          To travel in time
                                          to live that wild dream
                                          sit on a moonbeam
                                          to ride its pure light
                                          to travel to Galaxies
                                          far out of sight........
                                          Wander and ponder
                                          in the heart of a Sun.
                                          soak up the knowledge
                                          of how it begun
                                          catch a lift
                                          on a shooting star
                                          travel the Cosmos
                                          both near or so far......
                                          Go to the Nebula
                                          "Black-Holes" of time
                                          thoughts are not altered
                                          in a vortex that crush.
                                          a planetary system
                                          down to fine dust.........
                                          Walk in dimensions
                                          way out of your own.
                                          visit new beings
                                           from Galaxies afar
                                          watch them progress
                                          as they reach for the stars......
                                          Your future is endless
                                          just you wait and see.
                                          When you start on
                                          YOUR journey
                                          of reality dreams..........
                                          Peter Wicks (Just dreaming)

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