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Sunday, 1 January 2012

The RA Curse

The RA Curse

The pain,”Oh” the hammer blow pain

As rheumatoid arthritis attacks again
Once nimble fingers and agile limbs
Are distant memories when RA begins
A sudden ache or a stiffening limb

Or bones that hurt from deep within
You see your doctor and he will say
“Take these pills and it will go away”
The pain persists and getting worse
But you’ve never heard of the RA curse

The swelling joints on all your limbs
The unknown fear of what this means
A blood test shows a negative blip
Rheumatoid Arthritis has got a grip
This dreadful disease, this painful curse
Starts crippling the body and getting worse

Distorted fingers and twisted joints
Toes that swell, way-out of shape
Screaming torture each step you make
The pain you feel is best described
As a six inch nail being hammered inside

Or your fingers crushed in a workman’s vice
The pressure increases within its grip
The bones and sinews distort and split
So don’t dismiss RA out of hand
RA effects both woman and man
Life can play some evil tricks
“YOU” may be the next one to suffer with it

Peter Wicks

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