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Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Odd Bods

             The Odd-Bods

            We, the human race
            have no part in natures place...
            Death and corruption is the trade mark
            of   this demented beast who on human flesh
            does often feast...
            Concrete and tarmac covers the land
            where wonderful trees once did stand...
            The oceans are polluted all seven seas
            and the fish are cancerous
            and full of disease when mankind
            dumps his chemicals, when ever he please....
            The icecaps are melting at alarming rates
            because of the pollution these odd-bods do make...
            Rivers of blood and putrid flesh
            blown to bits with cannon and gun
            the odd-bods call this a war
            that will never be won....
            They call on a god
            that has never been seen
            just one of hundreds
            of the odd-bods  human being
            just a mind control trick
            that keeps odd-bods in check
            when butchering each other
            with blood up to their necks....
            Nature is warning that it’s had enough
            time for odd-bods to vanish in flames
            as the Earth splits open
            from the north to the south
            when Nature erupts and opens its mouth....
            Lava will flow and ash falls like rain
            to wipe out the odd-bods
             the humans other name.... 

            Odd-Bods of Peter        

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