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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just Square Pegs in round Holes

Just Square Pegs in round Holes
Like a brick that makes a wall
Every course that’s bound in tight
The bricks that hold them all in place
Bind us in order as the human race...

Pecking order’s we humans must all obey
Square pegs in round holes will never fit
“Them” and “Us” will always be
For this is the ways of all humanity........

Loathsome creatures called the human race
That nature looks on with utter distaste
But most of all on those who rape this Earth
Stealing its bounty for all their worth......

But this stealing and raping will end one day
As the human race expands in unexpected ways  
Human beings will have no space for food to eat
For this entire Earth will be covered by human feet!

Peter Wicks

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