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Friday, 20 January 2012

Devil Yellow

Devil Yellow

This yellow metal we call gold
The curse of man since times of old
Untold misery it creates
When mankind succumbs
To this yellow hate

Man will kill his fellow man
For just one handful
Of this yellow sand.

Devil yellow with its evil glow
The curse of man
Wherever he goes

Hypocrites of the religious faiths
Preaching the gospel to a poor mans face
“Give your coins, so you’re forgiven”
In the name of their god
They do there bidding

Did Jesus Christ ask for  gold?
When forgiving man
For deeds untold

Precious metal sealed his fate
This was the beginning
Of the yellow hate

Donate your gold for a front row seat
To be near the god you wish to meet
But what a shock awaits you and me
When the Day of Judgment comes to be

You will find no golden throne
Of priceless jewels and ermmin robes
You will find a humble seat
On which sits a being
You cannot CHEAT

Peter Wicks

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