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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Dentist

The Dentist (Dr Costalot)

This poem is dedicated to those greedy gits who
pull teeth,their greed knows no bounds,charging
for the dental care of young kids and hard-up
I put them in the same league as
politicians,estate agents,solicitors, all of which
rip off the British people with impunity
and Bankers

Tooth decay or septic gum
Phone the dentist for here I come
If you’re lucky, you've picked the best
Trained and paid by the NHS
He takes a look at your rotten tooth
Sticking a spike in as you hit the roof
"Does that hurt?" you hear him say
"Yes it does,so how much do I pay?"
"Welllllll" he says, as he rubs his hands
"You pay a fee for different bands"
"Private work will last and last"
"But the NHS is in another class"
"We use the best, the private way"
"NHS are back the next day!!!"
"Is that fair?" I complain to him
"It should be equal on both the schemes"
"Don't be stupid" he winks at me
"How do I keep my yacht at sea?"

Peter (Gummy)Wicks

PS.Get them all out,its cheaper in the long

Peter Wicks

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