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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Angels of the Wards

The Angels of the Wards

She sacked our cleaners
The Angels of the Wards
They kept them clean
That made us safe
When hospitals
Where such a friendly place

But "Maggot Thatcher"
Fucked it up
She sold them off
To the highest bid
She sacrificed our safety
For a pocketful of "Quid’s"

MSRA is here and C.difficile
Hospital bugs that really kill
The "Maggot" let them in
The 80s hero of the super rich
Who pay homage to the evil bitch

Cutting corners and paying less
"They" have left our hospitals
In such a disgusting filthy mess
Thousands died as government's lied
They know the reason
Why the innocent really died

Bring back our Angels
Who also made tea?
Let them clean our hospitals
A job that they knew
Who made it safe
For me and for you

Peter Wicks 2008

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