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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Where have all the Gardens gone?

Where have all the gardens gone?

Office blocks that are forever empty
Rise to the heavens to the gods of plenty
This land they stand on should rather be
A place of beauty, with parks and trees...

This concrete jungle, stone grey streets
Which breeds contempt and a violent streak
For the youth today have no home
Forever trapped by cement, brick and stone....

The money gods of Hampstead Heath
Could do lots more for the young ones grief
Take Bishops Avenue and Willesden Green
They are as different as chalk to cheese....

Ten room homes with swimming pools
Tennis courts and croquet lawns
Just a mile away, just down the road
Bitterness and contempt slowly festering grows....

In one room flats in dingy streets
The youth of London live and sleep
Out-side loos and. roofs that leak
They do their best to pay their rent
To crooked landlords, who collect and threat....

For it’s in this city of dirt and grime
Some London youth will turn to crime
They know full well they have no choice
Against  a fucking Tory bureaucrats voice....

The money gods and their might
Could do lots more for these young kids plight
Instead of building these high-rise blocks
Of monstrous offices and empty shops
Invest their wealth in open spaces
Low level houses with a garden to grace
Worthwhile jobs with decent pay
Free education for everyone
And the end of this Fascist rule
A government of the people
Plus the elimination of these Tory fools
For if this dream could come true.
The kids of London could be like me or you

Peter Wicks.

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