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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

When the Bubble Bursts

When the Bubble burst

This  fools paradise had to end
Your bricks and mortar
Are not worth a trite
As houses prices collapsed
One dark bleak winters night

Great big dept around your necks
Seizing your home, your worldly goods
Your life-style is know an utter wreck

Big burly bailiff knocks down your door
Taking your car and all your worldly goods
Kicking you out into your neighbourhood

Penniless and homeless, and you had it all
As the bubble bursts on greedy young fools
Your not alone, we have seen this before
When house prices crashed down to the floor

No one listened to those wise ones of old
Who warned of this disaster about to unfold?
Bricks and mortar or just a fleeting fortune
For he who pays the piper, also calls the tune
They want their money back

                                           It never belonged to you

Peter Wicks
Published 5/11/2007
Again I detest this gloating attitude of mine
But I told you so

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