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Thursday, 22 December 2011

What have we become?

What have we become ?

A sense of foreboding, hangs over me
Isolation, depravation, dehumanisation
Uncaring and selfishness is all that I see

As crowds of people, rush on by
Caring or thinking, nothing for you, or I

Wrapped up in snug little insular worlds
Society is crumbling, but not a soul is disturbed

The rich get richer, on the backs of the poor
As the underclass grows bigger, a festering sore

Immigrants flood in, wave after wave
Governments care little for the disasters in store
As melt-down of our nation, threatens our shores

Cohesion of the family, the bedrock of life
Is coming apart, as religion creates hatred in our midst
And splits up our proud nation and casts it adrift

Peter Wicks

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