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Thursday, 29 December 2011


ValhallaMar 27, '09 7:06 AM
                  for everyone


            Odin’s palace, the fortress of the slain, the land of gods the
            kingdom of Asgard, the Valkyrie these goddesses did name.....

            For those who died in battle were carried on golden shields held so
            very high, to a palace in the heavens Valhalla in the sky.......

            Made of many weapons that adorned this mystic place, walls of spears
            and roofs of mirrored shields that reflected the warriors face.....

            Fearsome warriors who pillaged old England’s shores, did battle with
            a brand of man who courage was never shamed, “The Berserkers” were
            their names.......

            Drinking jars of mead these Norse men fought and died, then carried
            to old Odin, in his place in the sky, who made them well with a
            Valkyrie spell to add his shield to that magic roof, some Christians
            would call hell....

            Peter the Norse  man

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