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Monday, 26 December 2011

Throw the Dice

Throw the Dice

This is a true Poem about a group of lads in New York who were caught gambling by the NYPD and brought before the judge for sentence, this is what one of them said........

“Yes your honour, I broke the law, by gambling with dice in a shops front door”.........

“But you see your honour, I cannot read and these dice are bibles to me, these dice I hold within my hands, do not make me an evil man”

“A square of wood or marble block, marked on all sides with small black dots, I beg you Sir, hear my plea of how these dice are a bible to me”

“If I roll the dice and get the one, that’s God the father of everyone”
“Roll again, up comes two, I think of Jesus, who sacrificed for me and you”
“Wisest Kings in history, you bet your life I rolled the three”
“Throw the dice, it lands on four, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the four disciples with these dots on”
“Throw again, it lands on five, I give praise to the Lord, that I’m alive”
“One more roll, it lands on six, I remember that cross of sticks”
“Jail me, fine me if you will, but let me keep my prayer block still”
The judge gave a slight smile and gave them six months and said as he was passing sentence
“Tough luck lads, I’m am a Atheist”
Peter Wicks

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