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Thursday, 1 December 2011



There are two types of snob in this human world, the monetary and the intellectual, both look down on those
who are neither.

“I pay my char the lowest rate”
bragged the British snob
to the wealthy Yank
“So do we” said the snob
from the U S of A
“But in olden days
they called them slaves”
“My one is as thick
as a household brick
sniggered the posh
snobby  British Bitch
“ You make me laugh”
said the Yank from the
upper middle class
“For a dollar more
it will kiss my arse”
This type of snob
made their stack
just by laying
on their backs
But the ones to detest
most of all
are the cretins who
take us all for fools
They talk down to us
And pat our heads
Looking at you
As though you’re dead
Sneering at your
Your mother tongue
They are the worst
Of the Snobby ones

Peter Wicks

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