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Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Perdition Bank of America

The Perdition Bank of America

Come you greedy dollar thieves

Tell the world how you deceived

Sold yours souls to the dollar bill

Hand in hand with Capital Hill....

You gave out loans on this and that

Unsuspecting buyers in the housing trap

Not a chance in hell of ever paying it back

For the Bank of Perdition would see to that...

They made a fortune from trust deceived

Bankers in Wall Street of the devils in league

They made a killing and Main Street poor

As they plunge America to recessions door...

Now hunt them down, every last one

Bankers of American Perdition the devils sons

Take their wealth, every last dime

Throw them in jail for a very long time

Brand their foreheads with a tattoo sign

“I stole from my people  the lowest of crimes”

Peter the Ferryman, come hold my ice cold hands

As I row you across too dollar bill land

Peter the Ferryman

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