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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Not a lot of people know this

Not a lot of people  know this

The poor in Britain
Are bleeding poor
Not always like this
That’s for sure
A war was fought
Till late 1945
When men and women
Bravely died
On return to Blighties shores
Their former life they would not endure
Class distinction was alive and well
Establishment and privilege was once more
The Election came in 45
Labour and Socialism was alive
They pledge this Nation
That things must change
No more ownership
By the richest few
But everything owned
By me and you
They called it then
Public ownership
Of everything
Fuel and Power
Phones and Gas
Mines and Shipping
The whole razzmatazz
The NHS came to be
That gave free health care
To the likes of me
A dental service
Free to all
No more money
For teeth to pull
A pension book
Labour did pledge
Paid from the profits
Labour now said
But along the way
Things did change
Mrs T did arrange
She “STOLE” it all
The Nations Wealth
Her filthy hands
Are everywhere
She stole the milk
From little kids
Sold our water
As well as gas
Essential elements
We must have
No more profits
For everyone
No more pensions
That Nationalisation
Was meant to pay
The rich and powerful
Now have the sway
We come along way
Since socialism of 45
When Labour was powerful
With real men of steel
Not like the fungus
This  gutless crap
Just like a Tory
Blair and Brown
Ed Milliband
And all his chaps
Made sure of that

Peter Wicks

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