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Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Home in England

Woodvine Cottage

Sleeping deep
In woods and vales
Far from tracks
And hiking trails.

Broad oak trees
In woodland shade
Flickering sunlight
On beasts who graze.

Pastures green
By a meandering stream
The music of skylarks
High on the wing.

A tranquil white cottage
Appears on the scene
Hollyhock and ivy
Cling to the walls
On this tiny white cottage
So sweet and serene.

“Woodvine Cottage”
The nameplate says
As you open the gate
Onto a twisting pathway
Borders of flowers
All colours and hews
Add to the beauty
With a heady perfume.

“Good morning my dear”
The young woman says
As she opens the door
Of the house of my dreams.

My dream is broken
The dream is no more
I wake from my sleep
Untroubled or stressed
This cottage is mine
My home and my rest.

Peter Wicks

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